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Riley Hollingsworth K4ZDH, Vice Director, ARRL Atlantic Division, is presented with a Lifetime Membership to the Montgomery Amateur Radio Club by Aleks W3JAG, in recognition for Riley's outstanding contributions to Amateur Radio.
The Montgomery Amateur Radio Club and the Rockville Science Center are having free Technician license classes in the Rockville Memorial Library on six Saturday afternoons from March 31, 2018 through May 5, 2018, with a public exam session on Saturday, May 12, 2018.
Terry W3EDS, Chair of the MARC Repeater Committee, presents Brad Spiers the MARC Service Award for his outstanding support through the years to our VHF Relay Site in Reston, Virginia. Brad was instrumental in bringing this relay site on line, allowing us to extend the coverage of our VHF repeater system in the Washington Metro Area.
Tom W3TDH presented one of our new hams, Jamison KC3HKF, with the ARRL First Contact Award at our Oct 5 meeting. Congratulations to Jamison and welcome to Amateur Radio!
Rudolfo Rubio was presented with the MARC Appreciation Award at our September Dinner Meeting in recognition for his generous contribution of heavy equipment hauling transportation vehicles to our MARC Field Day over the past 10 years.
Vic WB2U presents Andrew Beard KC3HPS with the ARRL First Contact Award in recognition of his first two-way communications by Amateur Radio. Aleks W3JAG, President, thanked WB2U for his great work in promoting the First Contact program for new hams within the club. Congratulations to KC3HPS and a grateful "thumbs up" to WB2U!
In appreciation for his effort and forward planning to significantly increase the CW participation in MARC's 2017 Field Day activities, Vic Nardo, WB2U(r) was given a ceremonial CW "token" by Al Rabassa, NW2M(l).

One side of the brass token is the receive tree-structure for Morse Code. The other side is the sending alphabet.

Vic has been instrumental in several grassroots activities to kick-start MARC's CW activities well in advance of FD 2017. Vic is an avid CW enthusiast employing a variety of straight keys and "bugs". He is an active and decorated member of the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC member) having achieved Tribune and Centurion award status.

Thank you Vic for your terrific work in promoting CW to a whole new generation of hams!

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