How to become a Laurel VEC volunteer examiner

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Montgomery Amateur Radio Club Laurel VEC volunteer examiner team.  


Step 1:


The easiest way to become a Laurel volunteer examiner (VE) is to first become an ARRL volunteer examiner.  Read the ARRL Volunteer Examiner Manual, 9th Edition and then send the ARRL a signed copy of the ARRL VE Application Form and Open-Book Review to


ARRL/VEC Office – Accreditations
225 Main Street
Newington, CT 06111-1400


It takes about a month to get your ARRL VE credentials and your ARRL VEC certificate.


Step 2:

When you get your ARRL VE credentials, please print the
Laurel VE application, fill it out, sign it and scan it in at 300 dpi in gray scale as a PDF file.  Also scan in your ARRL VEC certificate as a PDF file.  Then email both files as attachments to


Next, I will notify the Laurel VEC that you are qualified to be a Laurel VE.  This will be instantly certify you as a Laurel VE and you will be able to immediately start volunteering at any Laurel VE test sessions.   I will email you your Laurel VEC certification PDF file when I receive it the from the Laurel VEC.

Laurel VEC Policies, Procedures and Instructions are pretty much the same as the ARRL VEC rules except that the Laurel VEC has no fees and does not ask for donations.

Our schedule is at
Volunteer Examiner Public Exam Sessions and at Laurel VEC Exam Schedule links.

Thank you,
David, W2LNX
MARC-MD1 VE team lead



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